This two-week course at the start of training aims to discover algorithms, to be familiar with using data structures, variables, logical operators and conditions. The objective is to know how to build simple algorithms and to acquire notions of complexity to evaluate the performance of these algorithms.

Linux first step

During this third week of training dedicated to discover LINUX basics, you will familiarize yourself with this environment to master the installation packages and the Basics Command Line Interface (CLI) via the terminal.

Version management and environment of development

This course will allow you to acquire the basics of version management, that means the software management projects over time, the collaboration on the same source code and the tracking changes. In addition, this week will allow you to familiarize yourself with a development environment, an essential tool for software development.


Present from the beginnings of the Web in the 1990s, the basic language of web development: HTML and CSS will be presented to you during this week. This course aims to discover these languages and create simple websites in HTML and CSS.


Beyond the content of websites, the accessibility and the user experience are principal objective of the modern websites development. This course is an introduction to the concepts of digital accessibility and quality which gives you the tools and best practices necessary to guarantee a good user experience.

PHP initiation

The free language PHP allowed the appearance of dynamic web pages and became a fundamental language for any web developer. The objective of this course is to introduce the programming in PHP by simple examples and the manipulation of different concepts: conditions, operators, loops and data structures.

PHP, Framework and PostgreSQL

Following the introduction to PHP, the aim of these two weeks courses is to deepen its use in connection with databases, in particular PostgreSQL. The goal is to create a API REST with a back office and a front-office to achieve a more complex website.

JS Native

With HMTL and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three technologies at the heart of website creation. The JS language enable the interactivity of web pages and is therefore an essential technology for web applications. The objective at the end of the two weeks devoted to JavaScript is to be able to master the basics of this essential language of the web.

NodeJS et VueJS

The last month of training will be devoted to the discovery and handling of NodeJS and VueJS. NodeJS is an open source environment that allows you to run JavaScript outside of a web browser. This technology allows server-side scripting before the page is sent to the user. VueJS is an open source framework for developing user interfaces and web applications.